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Fem-R is a feminist and anti-racist civil society organisation, which aims to increase the voices of racialised people in the Finnish society and build equal and safer Finland for all people. Racialisation is a societal process where the dominant group with power ascribes stereotypical characteristics, identities and/or prejudices to an individual or a group because of their ethnic background, religion or/and skin colour.

Fem-R provides a platform for racialised people to interact, participate, advocate and network in Finland. The organisation is run by racialised for racialised people and all of its activities and actions are based on the principles of safer space, intersectional feminism and anti-racism. Fem-R organises public discussions seminars, hosts networking events, publishes statements and lobbies for more inclusive Finland that respects human rights. Fem-R adds a feminist and anti-racist view point to the Finnish discourse where racialised people are often treated as subjects rather than as agents.

Besides working on the Finnish society at large, Fem-R also operates with other multicultural and anti-racist organisations for them to incorporate feminist principles in their work. Fem-R supports other movements, organisations and stakeholders to critically examine their own activities, so that racialised people are factually able to participate in their events.

Fem-R is a new organisation, but it is full of creative ideas, passionate energy and high ambitions to make a difference in the lives of racialised people in Finland. We are planning to organise some English activities for non-Finnish speaking people in the capital region and hopefully expand soon in the future to other parts of Finland.

At the moment our website is primarily in Finnish, but you can follow us on Facebook where we will inform about any English activities. In the meantime you are welcome to join our organisation by filling out the form below.

Our annual membership fees are 25 euros for everyone, but we offer a discounted membership of 10 euros for low income individuals. The charging of membership fee is subject to the board’s discretion, i.e. the fee may be waived upon request.

Membership fees should be wired to Fem-R’s account: FI45 7997 7998 0250 06 within a week. In the wire transfer, please mention your name, the text ”membership fee” and the year in the message (e.g. Michelle Yeoh membership fee 2024). When we have accepted your membership application, we will send you a confirmation email. The board approves all membership applications.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our chairs Ulkar (ulkar at fem-r dot fi) or Hai(hai at fem-r dot fi)

Membership application

Fem-R has two kinds of memberships. Voting membership (varsinainen jäsen) is reserved for individuals who are racialised in the Finnish society. Ally membership is meant for any individual who wants to participate in Fem-R and support its work, but is not racialised in the Finnish society. Ally members do not have voting rights in Fem-R's general assembly. Its upon your discretion which membership you will apply for.
If you're applying for fee waiver, please let us know the reason for it. The board will consider all applications for fee waivers.
Let us know why you are applying for membership in Fem-R, what are your thoughts and ideas for the organisation. Feedback is appreciated. If you're requesting fee waiver, please indicate the reason for applying fee waiver.